The Ponytail Killer The Ponytail Killer is a semi-recurring character in Big Mouth. The real identity of the killer, and their motive, is unknown.

Appearences The first appearence of The Ponytail Killer is in season 1 episode 10 Pornscape. Through the eyes of The Ponytail Killer, we can see that he is behind some bushes spying on Jay and Jessi on a date. Jessi has her hair up, and it's obvious The Ponytail Killer is considering her for his next victim, but as soon as she takes her hair out, he loses interest in Jessi, and starts looking at a man with his hair up. This man is later found dead in a dumpster with his ponytail cutoff.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.46.12 pm

The detectives crime board of The Ponytail Killer

In season 2 episode 9 Smooch or Share, a car, which has a ponytail hanging from the rearview window, swerves off the road in order to avoid hitting Steve, and collides with a tree. The crash causes the trunk of the car to open, and a woman, who's hands are tied together and has her mouth gagged, gets out the trunk and runs away.

​​​​​Confirmed victims:

  • Carol 
  • Unnamed Female Bus driver
    Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.04.13 pm

    A lucky victim escaping the boot of The Ponytail Killer

  • Unnamed woman with yellow hair
  • Man with ponytail

What we know

In episode Smooch or Share, The Ponytail Killer was driving a blue car.


The detectives thought Coach Steve was the killer, as he had connections to Carol (he would go to the curves gym and she would yell at him for not being a woman) and the bus driver, and on the case board a photo of a cemetary is shown (It's currently unknown the connection this has to the case) and Steve's father is buried there. But, whilst Coach Steve was in custody, another body was found, and Coach Steve was ruled out as the killer.

Andrew was also accused of being the killer, and was arrested and placed in Westchester County Penitentiary, as his DNA had been found all over the dumpster in which the male victim had been found, but it turned out Andrew had just thrown out all of his jizz socks in said dumpster, and Andrew was released.