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Aw fuck, me in my big fucking mouth! Big mouth... That's the show.. that's the fucking show! Hey you, and you at home on the fucking elliptical fucking watching this. I see you! Don't you fucking say a fucking word.
Nick Birch to viewers in The Head Push

Nicholas "Nick" Birch is a main character within Big Mouth. A prepubescent boy living in the suburbs of New York City. He is the youngest among his friends and has been the one to fall for multiple girls in the series so far.


Nick is unusually small for his age, which he is regularly made fun of for. He wears a blue T-shirt and a button-up over it; along with salmon skinny jeans.


Before the Series

Not much is known about Nick's past, although it's known that his past is based off of Nick Kroll's.

During Big Mouth

Nick Birch first appears as a 12-year-old boy having a sleepover with his best friend, Andrew Glouberman. Nick excuses himself and Andrew when his parents begin to smother him.

While playing basketball, Andrew says that he is not going to the dance that is in the next week. Nick reminds him about their plan to go in a group with Jessi and Jay.


Andrew Glouberman - Nick's best friend. It's shown they do most things together. Andrew often stays at Nick's house and is considered part of the family. Although he got jealous of him one time, he considered Andrew to be kind of embarrassing when he brought a "Jazz hat" to the city with him while looking for his old camp crush, Roland.

Jessi Glaser - Nick's other best friend Jessi, often hangs out with Nick, Andrew and Jay. They were in a forced relationship at one point, but decided it was better for them to be friends, since then they didn't hate each other. Jessi turned to Nick in a time of need by asking to go to his house when her parents argued at her house.

Jay Bilzerian - Nick's other best friend Jay. Jay has cameras hidden in Nick's house to watch how perfect his life is. Nick finds this disturbing but Jay does nothing about telling him where the cameras are or uninstalling them.

Ghost of Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington, the famous African-american music composer of the late 20's and early 30's died in Nick's home. His soul remained as a ghost and now eternally lives in the house. Nick often goes to Ellington when he needs advice about something.

Ricky - Ricky is Nick's hormone monster from S1E10 to S2E4.

Tyler - Tyler is Nick's Hormone Monster from S2E7 to S2E10. He is the newest Hormone Monster at Puberty Headquarters, and has not yet grown his horn when he is first introduced.

Connie - Connie is Nick's Hormone Monster from S2E10, replacing Tyler after he got fired for leaving a portal to Puberty Headquarters open. Strangely, she is Nick's Hormone Monster despite him being a male, and Connie only works with females. No explanation was given for this in Season 2.