This is Guy Town. I originally came here to do a story about a lumpy gourd of a boy, but I ended up learning a few things about what it means to be a man. Sometimes being a man means putting the ones you love first, and sometimes it means owning up to your mistakes. Not all men value the same things, and that means you can be any man you want. All you need to do is figure out who you are and be true to yourself.
—Matthew in Guy Town

Matthew (Voiced by Andrew Rannells) is a supporting character in Big Mouth. He is the only openly gay character in season 1.
His shtick seems to be appearing from off screen (or being cut to) and injecting an appropriate quip related to the current conversation.


Matthew has strawberry blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes. He tends to wear a navy blue button-up under a brown sweater-vest, accompanied by white jeans with a brown belt. He's mostly caught frowning and only smiles when necessary. His eyelids are normally half closed.


Matthew is prone to overt hand gestures and deliberate posturing. He is generally up beat but can turn hostile in a breath. He is given to cleaver witticisms and insightful zingers and enjoys delivering them, especially when they are deserved.

In spite of his snarky nature, he is supportive of his classmates, offering sound advise when called upon.


In Am I Gay? he hosts the schools gossip broadcast and goads Nick into claiming he had ended his and Jessi's relationship.

In Guy Town he trails behind Andrew in an attempt to question him about what happened with Lola back in her condo. Matthew is also seen to be provoked by a resident of Guy Town and gets into a gay-off with him. The resident suggests being nicer to others, and Matthew decides to give it a shot.

In Smooch or Share he is constantly persecuted and shamed for being the only gay student in the grade by both his classmates and the Shame Wizard. Later on in the episode, he offers a better sleeping spot in the teacher's lounge to Jay, who refuses to go after the Shame Wizard tells him that Matthew just wants to get laid. By the end of the episode, Matthew and Jay share a kiss after playing Nick's new game 'Smooch or Share.'

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