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Gina Alvarez is the first girl in school to develop breasts, which causes a shift in social dynamics.[1] She is voiced by Gina Rodriguez.


What Is It About Boobs? (First Appearance)

Whilst the rest of the clique is comes to Jessi's soccer game, they notice Gina for the first time, and are awed by her breasts. It's revealed in later episodes that she noticed them staring at her, and tried to act casual about it.

The Shame Wizard

Steve the Virgin

Drug Buddies

When he enters the ice cream parlour, Nick (who is under the effects of marijuana) sees Gina working there and uses it as an opportunity to reconcile with her. The two become friends again after a friendly chat.

Guy Town

Dark Side of the Boob

After Jessi accidently reveals to Devin that Gina let Nick touch her breasts, Devin and most others at school make fun of Gina by calling her 'a slut'. This makes her feel very embarrassed and very angry towards Nick for telling people about their private moment. The Shame Wizard also shames her about this incident.

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